1 year & 7 months ago

    i just want to know if you have mentioned in your research as what is your education?
    assign values as 96 illiterate and 98 as literate then education is scale or nominal?

  2. Jacob korofia
    2 years & 3 weeks ago

    Hallo! Am working on influence of teachers’ motivation on academic performance of students with learning difficulties.
    How do i put biographic information in spss? Should I create different files for each factor of motivation? Thanks

  3. Meena
    2 years & 2 months ago

    I have three columns 1st column name of district, second column women vaccinated, 3rd column men vaccinated and 4th column others vaccinated
    I would like to check if there exists any association between vaccination and gender.
    How do I import the data and make it redable in SPSS

  4. Beshea Abdissa
    2 years & 3 months ago

    Hello dear,
    I am pleased to see such helpful information. I want to discuss with you on research issues how to conduct analysis related to time serious data and processing. I need your help.

    Best regards

    Beshea Abdissa

  5. Zai
    2 years & 5 months ago

    Does administrative district under nominal or ordinal? I need your help

  6. Onyedikachukwu ndimako
    2 years & 8 months ago

    Thank you

  7. Temesgen Fita Gursha
    2 years & 10 months ago

    Hi Sir<
    I read your article on the differences between nominal, ordinal and scale in SPSS analysis. I am now want to analzize my research data pest infestation counted on cultivars of mango leaves. Data was recorded manthly troughout the year at different three sites on 7 mango cultivars to see the host preferences of a specific pest for this research. Which one of the measure of the data can I will use in SPSS data input? I thank you in advance for your cooperation in breefing me on this issue.

  8. Kim
    2 years & 11 months ago

    Thank you – this is very helpful.
    May I ask, what would yes or no be classified as?

  9. Gashaw
    3 years & 2 weeks ago

    I am working research in concrete strength, while I got the compressive strength of concrete with different curing and cement composition percentage so I need some help on two way ANOVA analysis

  10. Tariku berihun
    3 years & 2 months ago

    Is land land use types, soil layers are nominal or ordinal