1. Matilda
    1 year & 10 months ago

    Please how can I write statement of the Problem of strategies and approaches in teaching Literature at the Junior High school. My supervisor keeps on rejecting my work till now.
    Please I need your help. Thanks

  2. MUHABA Mudesir
    2 years & 8 months ago

    i want to know how i can write statement of the problem effects of soil and water conservation in soil physio-chemical properties of soil.

    with great thanks

  3. Byansi
    4 years & 6 months ago

    Thanks ,this article has been relevant for me

  4. George micheal
    4 years & 8 months ago

    Dear sir or madam.designing statement of the problem is the first time to me.therefor,would you mind if I ask you for help to write statement of the problem of “An analysis of the effect of global warming on climate change in ethiopia”.

  5. Priya Chetty
    4 years & 11 months ago

    Hi Phillip,
    You need to have a main aim and 3-4 objectives.
    aim can be “to assess the impact of social media on consumer engagement in ….. sector/ country/ demographic population”
    objectives can be
    1) to identify factors influencing consumer engagement
    2) to identify and assess uses of social media in marketing
    Hope this helps.

  6. Phillip
    4 years & 11 months ago

    I am having trouble coming up with specific objective and clearly showing the gap in knowledge… Please can you help me all the specific objectives I came up with have all been denied by my supervisor and now I don’t know what to do am stuck

  7. Priya Chetty
    5 years & 1 day ago

    Hi Slie,
    follow this format.
    1) talk about increasing prevalence of E.Coli in poultry.
    2) explain its negative effects in terms of financial losses, environmental concerns and other health concerns
    3) identify the reasons for increasing prevalance and focus on resistence as the main reason.
    4) explain why research is important in context of your country by emphasising how poultry farming is important in your country.

  8. Priya Chetty
    5 years & 1 day ago

    Hi beau abera
    For that problem, find out how having challenges is negatively affecting the output/performance of the supply chain division of the shipping industry. then identify 4-5 areas of opportunities and how they can be optimised.
    lastly talk about how external factors are constantly changing this dynamic and why it is important to study this problem for your specific country/ region.
    Hope this helps.

  9. Priya Chetty
    5 years & 1 day ago

    Hey Darwin Tush
    Having a question makes it easier to frame the problem statement. Now you will need to find literature related to your question, find out 3-4 indicators of the lack of community’s respect for police and explain how it negatively impacts the society. Finally explain why it is important to answer this problem.

  10. Slie
    5 years & 2 days ago

    My approved project is on the prevalence and resistance of E.coli to the commonly used oral antibiotics inn poultry.kindly help with problem statement and georaphic coverage…m just lost