Before you finally submit your dissertation

By Abhinash Jena on November 27, 2011

Before understanding, why it is important to proof read your dissertation, it is more important to understand what actually proof reading is. Basically proof reading is checking any sort of content in respect of statistical, lingual or grammatical errors. Any dissertation or a study is said to be a completed study when it is being proof read. Proof reading is considered the final step and the most important step.

Feedback is the most essential step in writing an essay, research paper or a successful dissertation. Proof reading can be encouraging or discouraging as you will get to know many mistakes which you have done in writing a dissertation. Similarly, getting feedback will make a difference in the quality of a dissertation which has been written by you. You can proof read a dissertation taking help from your fellow students, friends, family members or instructors. Proof reading will flourish your dissertation and will make you confident when you present a dissertation in front of your class or your seniors and supervisors.

You will be able to get the feedback with the help of local writers group. It’s just, that you have to explain them, what actually you are writing and ask them to proof read the pages for you.Some of the writers group have a limit for the pages, they can proof read for you. You can make some of the members of the group your friends and take a help from them to get your work done.

You can ask your friends to edit the parts of dissertation. And the most important thing which is to be kept in mind is, you should encourage your friends to tell you the truth about a dissertation, tell them that it will surely not hurt your feelings as it will be good for you and your appraisal. Tell your friends to proof read a dissertation in such a way that other would be able to understand it clearly.

To get a good feedback, ink pens and highlighters can be used to proof read a dissertation .It can be used during the editing work so that it will make you understand, what is need to be done.

Other things for which proof reading is necessary are:

Neat and clean dissertation– It is important to place your content nicely and also you should focus that how you have formatted it. So, once you have proofread your dissertation, it will be readable other than looking neat and clean.

Error elimination– After a lot of hard work, if you want your dissertation work look good, it is important to take out every possible error so that your work will look at its best.

Originality– It is important that your work should look original in terms of your ideas and content. So, originality is the point which is to be kept in mind while writing a dissertation and similarly proof reading is important to make your dissertation look more original.

So, these are the reasons, why it is important to proof read the dissertation.