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Factors affecting spatial and temporal trends of an infectious disease epidemics

Epidemics of infectious diseases arise due to spread of the disease across individuals. It spreads within a geographical region over a period of time. When they spread at global level, it is referred to as pandemic. An infectious disease originates at a particular point.

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Increasing prevalence of allergic reactions globally

By Avishek Majumder on July 19, 2017 No Comments

Allergic reactions or allergies are on the rise in both developing and developed nations with common allergies affecting 10-30% of the world population at any given point of time in their lives (Ring 2012). Asthma and allergic rhinitis are among the common air-borne allergic reactions affecting nearly 300-500 million people around the world (Pawankar et al. 2014). Furthermore, food (nearly 400 million), and drug-induced allergic reactions (1/10th of the world population) are prevalent in different parts of the world (Pawankar et al. 2014). Since the prevalence has increased to such an extent, allergies should be regarded as major health concerns.