Why choose Project Guru for professional writing?

By Abhinash on November 24, 2016

Project Guru offers professional writing services at all ends. At Project Guru writers write with correct, concise, clear, correct grammar and spelling, this is what makes writers at Project Guru superior to other writers. We understand the language of professional writing like no one else; we understand that what other writers have failed to deliver will not be us to fail.

Ten most important points that we consider for professional writing is:

  1. The language need not to be too floury and elaborate.
  2. Extensive use of props and examples for arguments.
  3. Thorough research on the topic.
  4. Sources to be clearly referenced.
  5. Check and re-check spelling and grammatical errors.
  6. Creative approach to the subject matter.
  7. Specific format and punctuation.
  8. Using the correct structure.
  9. Connections with the reader.
  10. Reflect the right critical thinking.

Use of keywords in professional writing

We understand the hunger of businesses today. Marketing to a handful of customers with a world full of competitors can seem to be very difficult. Use of right keywords in the article is very crucial to get promoted by search engines free of cost. We understand the right use of right keywords at right times and with the right number will help your article get the right traffic. Excess use of your important keywords can drop the quality of the article which will actually decrease the time spent by the viewer on your website.

Proper planning and approach

We are professional writers working in a planned and constructed way. The process of implementation at Project Guru is as follows:

  • The first step is to get as much information as possible. We try to visualize the correct picture inside the client’s mind and reflect the same in our work. This is done with a requirement analysis questionnaire.
  • The second step is the proper formulation of the layout. The layout shall be strictly adhered to throughout the project.
  • The third step is time planning. Time plan will be included in the layout and represents the accurate time required for each phase of the project.
  • The fourth step is proceeding with the project. Once you are satisfied with the layout we shall move on to the first instalment payment and the initiation of the project.
  • The fifth step is a critical step as in this step we submit a rough draft of the work done to the client and request for feedback on the work done. The feedbacks and essential editing are implemented and delivered a high-quality article.

No Plagiarism, no copying guarantee

Plagiarism or copying is a crime. We are not criminals; we are professionals helping you with the right use of words for your article. Project Guru does not admit any form of plagiarism or copying. We do not cooperate with the writers once caught in plagiarism. All our writers and researchers produce 100% authentic and properly-referenced academic papers. To guarantee you 100% plagiarism free work, our support team checks every article for plagiarism before it is delivered it to you.

Keeping the content fresh

We don’t just write anything, we keep out writings fresh and up to the mark. Proper research by our research team helps our writers put down the right words and keywords for your article. We assure the best quality and fresh content each time and every time.