How to write a marketing research paper?

By Abhinash on December 3, 2011

Research is a theory or inference with detail document arguing in justification of the study. One should take into considerations tow major components while preparing the research paper . This includes original and substantial with the highlights of the same are expected to be original. This paper will focus on the various aspects of marketing research paper.

There is a scientific method of writing a hypothesis which involves collecting evidence to support or deny it since prior to writing a research paper defending a particular thesis, one must collect valid evidence to substantiate the same. Thus, the most complicated feature of writing a research comprises systematizing the evidence and the connected discussions into a logical form.

We are now set out to discuss about research writing on the subject – Marketing. A  research paper in marketing must particularly contain certain key elements. This should distinguishes it from a general research concerning any another field.

A marketing research should vitally gauge and assess the logical problems faced by an organization. Also it must essentially be characterized by the strategies experienced by different organizations with the systems and the method of their working applied to evaluate the market logically.

The research paper must be based on the working techniques to solve logical issues and then elaborate on the approach to be followed.

Marketing research must replicate imaginative and analytical approaches developed to address the issues faced in disciplines like marketing research and data mining.

In general, the students intending to write research paper take a particular incidence while making it. For example marketing strategies followed by a company/organization and find out the flaws and the merits on the strategy. Similarly it should explain consequences and shortcomings encountered and then come out with suggestions. These suggestions should help to overcome the same for better results in the performance. For this, the students can either be working in the such organizations or should take up a project work by approaching the marketing and/or HR division of a large successful organization.

Basically one prepare a research in marketing to address a marketing concept. Therefore it should be done with utmost creativity, strength of analyzing the said concept besides a knack of adequate organizational skills to serve the purpose thereby creating opportunity to integrate and highlight the marketing concept behind the product.

Thus, the person on the job should have a good collection of data. Similarly other relevant information besides academic and writing skills for effective creation by assembling the authentic information in a proper format. This should be suitably with the correct proportions to make it reader-friendly for any avid reader. A structured marketing research is the one when presented in a standard format and should comprise the following titles. This should appear in the contents page after the introduction, with each of them explained in detail.

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review 
  • Research Methodology
  • Ethical and Confidentiality Issues
  • Research Findings and Implications
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

I am currently working as a Research Associate. My work is centered on Macroeconomics with modern econometric approach. Broadly, the methodological research focuses on Panel data and Times series data analysis for causal inference and prediction. I also served as a reviewer to Journals of Taylor & Francis Group, Emerald, Sage.