CSR practices at ASDA, UK

By on June 5, 2012

ASDA was established by a group of farmers from Yorkshire (McGuire, 1988). ASDA is the 2nd biggest food market chain after TESCO in UK. Presently ASDA operates with around 265 stores in United Kingdom ranking second top in the United Kingdom’s food retailers list.

ASDA is the heart of community, and consists of family generations working at similar stores. ASDA also helps a tough ethos of corporate social responsibility. This can be viewed by its career and employment opportunities in communities, health initiatives and take of charity as well as it also helps for customers with less prices. ASDA is identified nationally for its good friendly service and less prices (www.thetimes100.co.uk).

ASDA handles Corporate Social Responsibility very carefully. ASDA believes that helping sustainability can support to make more affordable products for customers, while helping people to protect the world where they live. ASDA describes this as ‘doing the appropriate thing’. ASDA denotes these principles to each business parts and believes that they must have an influence on everything from the colleagues and customers health to the work which they do with the local communities. ASDA combines their whole approach as Prices, People and Planet and explains them as:

Prices: ASDA is helping their producers and growers to develop a range of naturally health products, providing healthier options that care for the surroundings too.

People: ASDA listens to their colleagues and customers to make it simple for them to serve on the products which they matter whether it’s lowering down packaging or promoting Fairtrade or helping local farmers.

Planet: ASDA requires taking care of the entire world through initiatives like developing energy efficiency, sending zero waste to landfill and cutting road miles (www.beinvolved.co.uk).

This shows that ASDA is a socially responsible organization.