Different faces of news

By on December 6, 2011

The modern age is basically an age of information. Gone are the days where we relied on common mediums  for this source but with the advent of modern media techniques things have improved by leaps and bounds. Within a second of its occurrence information  is flashed across our screens. Be it any type of information bollywood news, latest news as well  India news modern technology has a pivotal role in its awareness and scope. Of all these the latest news is of fundamental importance as we tend to be updated with the times. Underlying all these the media plays a very important role.

  • Imagine when we wake up the happenings of the whole world  are fabricated in the newspapers. This medium is the most popular and in fact there are publications in all languages of the world. The latest news around the globe we get at a glance through this source
  • In fact considering the replica of the film industry and the volatile  bollywood industry which is subject of daily new revolutions. The bollywood news attracts the most interest as there are constant gossips, happenings which cater to the young and old generation. In short it is a connecting point for all the teen happenings
  • It is a proven fact that India has a towering presence in the global scenario. Indians are virtually present in every corner of the world. News concerning India or India news are  necessary for all scales of people. Also one thing which needs mention here is that for the local population in the country the news is also very important.

There is no denying the fact that we are in a media age. Without the essence of  media the world would be a vagabond in  search for directions. News tastes vary according to people ,classes and situations. For someone what may be a news maybe a scrap to another. News exposes the common man to the practicalities of the real world and weighs economies of scale in their favor. Media in the form of television has been a flash in the pan in recent times. It has to be ascertained that it has taken it to a different level all together. Channels have come up which cater to the individual taste wise as well as regional wise. In short it can be concluded that media is a part and parcel of our daily life’s.