5 steps to boost your academic writing skills

By Priya Chetty on April 15, 2015

Most writers, when they join us, have little or no formal experience in academic writing. Some are even new to the concept of freelance academic writing, but they all have one thing in common- a flair for writing. Training them as per our quality standards is the first step for writers at Project Guru, for academic writing is radically different from freestyle or content writing.

Evaluate your academic writing skills

Our full-time Handlers are entrusted the task of training them to the international level of writing. Keeping in mind the common strengths and weaknesses of all new writers we have developed a 5-stage process for their training.

Creating a mind map of the paper

The general problem faced by students as well as new writers when they begin writing on any topic is: we don’t know where to begin. Also, as you write, you may realise that the content has wandered off the topic, or there is simply too much information. To simplify this, we have the Layout system where the main points to be addressed in the assignment are charted out. Most of our writers find the Layout system to be extremely helpful in deciding what to write in the paper, and how to present it.

Teaching them to emphasise on grammar

Writers often underestimate the importance of correct grammar in the paper. We teach them with suitable demonstrations how impactful a well-punctuated document is. Do not leave proof-reading to the last moment, correct your content as you write it to save time and extra effort.

Teaching them the simple academic writing rules

Academic writing standards are universal; and the rules aren’t many. Through our article in Expert’s Advice column, our Handlers teach writers the general academic writing rules and how to follow them.

Helping them gather relevant data

Half the trick of producing a good-quality paper lies in gathering the right content. We teach our writers how to enter the right keywords on Google to procure relevant information. We also give them access to paid libraries whenever needed.

Giving feedback in a quick and simple manner

How awesome would it be to know exactly where you went wrong in your paper, before it is submitted? We track every mistake made by new writers and let them know precisely how to correct them. It saves them on the time they would otherwise have spent on trying to make their paper just passable.


Apart from this, a few other tips our Handlers will hand out to our new writers are:

  • Do not work after midnight. Your creativity is lowest when your brain is half-asleep.
  • How not to paraphrase content: nothing is worse than being caught for poor paraphrasing skills.
  • Why not to plagiarise content. Sometimes, they are not even aware that they are plagiarising the content, so our Handlers educate them on the issue of plagiarism.

Writing for us is fun, easy and a valuable experience.

Priya is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Project Guru, a research and analytics firm based in Gurgaon. She is responsible for the human resource planning and operations functions. Her expertise in analytics has been used in a number of service-based industries like education and financial services.

Her foundational educational is from St. Xaviers High School (Mumbai). She also holds MBA degree in Marketing and Finance from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Delhi (2008).

Some of the notable projects she has worked on include:

  • Using systems thinking to improve sustainability in operations: A study carried out in Malaysia in partnership with Universiti Kuala Lumpur.
  • Assessing customer satisfaction with in-house doctors of Jiva Ayurveda (a project executed for the company)
  • Predicting the potential impact of green hydrogen microgirds (A project executed for the Government of South Africa)

She is a key contributor to the in-house research platform Knowledge Tank.

She currently holds over 300 citations from her contributions to the platform.

She has also been a guest speaker at various institutes such as JIMS (Delhi), BPIT (Delhi), and SVU (Tirupati).



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