Stocks are one of the fundamental investment instruments. Understanding the risk level based on financial ratios gives an investor valuable information on how to maximise profits from stocks.

About this module

This module delves into the basics of stock market investments. It compares stocks to other investment instruments like bonds, warrants, and options. Fundamentals of dividends and their relationship with the market have been explored.

Learn to choose the right type of stock based on your risk tolerance level. Gain knowledge of different financial markets of the world and investment principles of some of the renowned traders.

What you’ll need

  • Any spreadsheet software like MS Excel, Pages or Sheets
  • STATA software
  • 40 hours

Skills you will gain

Balance sheet analysis Ratio analysis Financial markets analysis ARIMA CAPM Trend analysis Momentum analysis
Basics of statistics

Understand the basics of the stock market investment.

SPSS Interface

Get familiar with different investment instruments.

Apply tests

Gain knowledge of financial ratio analysis.

Interpret results

Perform advanced tests in STATA.


Perform predictive analysis.

Live tuition sessions

Our live tuition sessions are curated for statistical analysis to derive financial ratios and identify ideal stocks for investing based on your risk appetite. They include discussions on problems you feel stuck at and can’t find the answer to.  

Focussed sessions

  • Virtual teaching using live demonstration.
  • Illustration for different levels of complexity of datasets.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Tutoring is focused on understanding concepts rather than rote learning.
  • Customized session agenda keeping with different industry requirements.

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