How to place a revision request?

By Priya Chetty on April 12, 2017

When you receive a draft, you may want to request changes to the draft. Follow these steps to request a revision:

  • Sign in to your Project Guru account.
  • Open the order you would like to request revision for.
  • Scroll down to Tasks & Deliveries and in the latest task you will find a button to request your revision.
  • You may attach all necessary comments, documents and details in the request.
  • The order handler will check and schedule the revised draft for delivery.
  • We track all changes made in the draft so that it is easier for you to compare the changes.
  • We address every comment, unless it is out of the scope of the work and not defined in the layout. In case the change is out of scope then we will inform you beforehand.
  • If any change that you requested was not adhered to then you may bring it your handler’s notice at once.
  • Revision requests take up to 7 days to process.