Positivity or success, what comes first?

By on March 22, 2012

The relationship between positivity and success is well known. A direct relation exists between these two terms and as there is a rise in one, the other follows. But there is another important question here that is not much explored by the experts in this field. This question relates to whether success precedes positivity or positivity precedes success? The responses differ. For some it is success that follows positivity and for others it is the other way round. Let’s explore both the views.

Those who believe success comes first argue that only when success is achieved, one can be happy and positive. They propose that once the target is achieved it develops a sense of confidence and makes one happy. The happiness leads to a positive mindset and thus happiness prevails. But experts supporting the other view contradict this logic and provide that success is a moving target. As soon as one target is achieved, another is set. The experts who have such view on this subject find positivity preceding success. They argue if the workforce is happy and works with a positive mindset, it improves performance at all levels and thus success follows.

The markets today are highly dynamic and competition is extremely tough. Latest researches on this issue prove that the need of the hour is to adopt the view which says positivity precedes success. Human resources are said to be an organization’s most valuable assets and if they are happy, the doors to their individual success as well as the organizational success get unlocked. Positive mindset promotes creativity, productivity and employees’ engagement as well. The experts have termed it as ‘happiness advantage’ or ‘positive intelligence’. It is also established that the employees who work with a positive mindset handle adverse situations in a better way. Such employees also exhibit lower stress levels and cope up with challenges easily. Mental health also leads to physical fitness and such employees take lesser leaves. They also show a better retention rate because such employees reflect higher job satisfaction levels.

Experts also provide that an individual’s genetics and environment do have a large influence on his happiness and positivity; but these are not the only factors. The positivity can be well developed by improving communication with other organizational members, developing new habits, meditation and physical workouts etc. There are now special training courses for employees to meet this objective and after training the happiness becomes a habit. Thus, spreading positivity throughout the organization is need of the hour in today’s corporate scenario.



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