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By Priya Chetty on November 25, 2016

As the research and consulting arm, we deliver information that helps, scholars and organizations to understand major developments in science, business affairs, geopolitics, finance, IT, governmental policy, and development economics.

We are recruiting freelance research consultants to work with a focused, objective-oriented and diverse team. You will help us to support our scholarly research projects, consulting projects, and to deliver research projects with a strong interpretation. We are always on the lookout for aspiring as well as experienced research analysts, scholars, and fellows.


As a research consultant you will be required to:

  • Prepare and deliver research inputs and reports for academic research, client consulting projects, benchmarking, data collection, interpretation, analysis, and presentations.
  • Conduct secondary research, understand, analyze, interpret, and report.
  • Develop and design primary research approaches and methodology.

Areas of specialization

Candidates in the following subjects are invited to apply:

  1. Science
  2. Law
  3. Economics
  4. Finance
  5. Marketing
  6. Political affairs
  7. Geopolitics
  8. IT
  9. Biology


  1. Dedication to work,
  2. Timely delivery of jobs and tasks,
  3. Proficiency with Microsoft Office,
  4. Proficiency with at least one of the statistical applications such as SPSS, STATA or Eviews,
  5. Ability to work with minimal supervision,
  6. Strong writing skills,
  7. A computer with an internet connection,
  8. Gtalk,
  9. Cell phone,
  10. Bank account,
  11. A valid PAN card


  1. At least a post-graduation degree.
  2. At least 6 months’ experience as a research analyst, scholar or fellow.
  3. Needs to be well-versed with at least 1 referencing style (Harvard/ MLA/ APA/ Chicago).

Work hours

You will have flexibility in work hours. However, we do not operate on a delivery-on-deadline basis. All documents are to be sent to Handler before 9 pm IST every day. Sundays and major National holidays are off days.


All new recruits start at Level E for initial training for a week and in response will have to produce research articles. After a week of initial training, you will be moved to level C and will be awarded paid jobs. This pay is revised every 3 months. You will be scored for each job you undertake with us. For all jobs finished and reviewed before the 30th of every month. The overall scores for 3 consecutive months determine your Grade. The grades are:

  1. A+ when you score 5 on average for 3 consecutive months,
  2. A when you score 4 on average for 3 consecutive months,
  3. B when you score 3 on average for 3 consecutive months and
  4. C when you score 2 or less for 3 consecutive months.

The pay scale for each level of the writer is given below:

  1. Level A+: INR 1.20 per word.
  2. Level A: INR 0.80 per word.
  3. Level B: INR 0.60 per word.
  4. Level C: INR 0.50 per word.
  5. Level D: INR 0.30 per word.
  6. Level E: INR 0.00 per word


We encourage talent, so when you excel in your performance we award you a bonus. The bonus will be added automatically to the invoice when it is generated and it is evaluated on the basis of scores provided by your handler after they review your job. The scores vary from -5 to 5. A bonus will be awarded when you achieve the following scores for each invoice:

  1. Score 5: INR 5000
  2. Score 4: INR 3000

The signup process

STEP 1: Create your profile on the next page and input the correct information as requested.

STEP 2: Check your email and confirm your email address.

STEP 3: After you submit your profile you will be asked to take a brief writing test. The test article will be:

  1. 300 – 350 words on a given topic related to the subjects you will select while submitting your profile. Use the Harvard referencing style for citation.

If our handlers feel very strong about your test then they might consider it for evaluation.

What do we expect from the test?

We expect the following from your test:

  1. You understand the requirements of the test and you are able to critically analyze.
  2. You know about plagiarism and will not commit it in your test.
  3. You are familiar with different citation methods such as:
    1. Harvard
    2. MLA
    3. APA
  4. You can conduct independent research in a time frame.
  5. You know how to present a paper.
  6. You know the English language very well.
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