Plagiarism is a wrongful representation of a fellow author’s work, idea or expression as one’s original work. It is academic dishonesty that may result in sanctions like suspension and expulsion from the University. It may also lead to legal implications and can constitute copyright infringement. Any of the following will lead to plagiarism:

  1. Representation of someone else’s words, ideas or expressions as one of yours.
  2. Presenting someone else’s words, ideas or expressions as a new work.
  3. Copying words from published work.
  4. Recycling words of a published work.
  5. Giving incorrect information of the source.
  6. Translation of a published work.

How to avoid it?

While writing a research paper it is obvious that the author will be using some of his own ideas and will also borrow ideas from other authors. To avoid plagiarism the author should:

  1. Cite the borrowed work rather than present it as your own work.
  2. Provide accurate details of the source.
  3. Avoid recycling of words or paraphrasing of sentences from a published work.
  4. Make use of quotations where ever necessary.
  5. Above all maintain an ethical decorum for not to steal other people’s ideas, words or expressions.

Why use a scanner?

Today plagiarism is common among students, researchers, journalists and writers. One may not deliberately do it but many times while writing a long document one may miss some citations. Verifying plagiarism manually by collecting proof from different sources can be a pain. With the advancement of technology, there is much available software to ease your task. A plagiarism scanner verifies the document against millions of published work, academic papers, journals, books etc. in a matter of few minutes. A scanner makes it easier for you to even pick out the innocent incident.

Why add a report with your order?

You may add a plagiarism report along with any of our research paper writing services. The report will be charged extra which will be added to your invoice. Project Guru does not own any software to detect plagiarism thus we rely on the most used and popular plagiarism checking software to detect plagiarism. 

There is very little chance that the work submitted to you will be plagiarised. If you find any in our work, you have to submit us the proof of sources of the plagiarized work. We will re-work your order on an emergency basis.