Writing a PhD. thesis on the importance of human resource management

By on September 19, 2012

Writing a PhD. The thesis is an art which not only involves logical presentation of the facts but also presenting the facts in a proper manner which makes it interesting and understandable. It involves deep research on a particular topic covering all the various aspects of the subject. This article will discuss various aspects of writing a research paper in human resource management.

Writing your human resource management PhD. thesis

Human Resource is an important area of management and its scope is increasing day by day. Finding data on importance is not difficult because there are several sources from which the data can be retrieved. However, checking out its relevance is important. The researcher needs to have a good hold on human resource concepts before writing a paper on its importance and must be ready for investment in time and efforts. Though mostly the universities provide their own formats including word limits that need to be followed by the candidate the general format would be:

Abstract of the PhD. thesis

The abstract should be around 100 words briefing the subject of the research. It should relate to the growing importance of human resource management in academic as well as corporate scenarios and why you have chosen this area.

Introduction of the thesis

The introduction should give an idea of the entire research to the reader and you may include the following sub-headings:

  1. Background of the study: Under this, the concept of HRM needs to be briefly explained. This should be followed by the evolution and growth of HRM over time. Finally, the importance of HRM should be briefed.
  2. Problem statement: The problem statement should inform why this topic has been chosen and why it is important to explore the importance of HRM.
  3. Aims and objectives of the study: The aims and objectives should be written in points. The aims depend on whether the research is academic or industrial or concerned with a particular firm. You may include the following:
    1. explore the concept of HRM in detail.
    2. find out what role HRM plays in organizational success.
    3. find out how HRM impacts different kinds of businesses.
    4. finding out the academic relevance of HRM.
    5. examine the current status of HRM in Indian companies or a particular industry.
    6. To find out the factors suppressing the vitality of HRM.
    7. find out areas of improvement in the field of HRM.
  4. Significance of the study: This section provides the benefits that your research will offer. Who all will benefit from the study and how they will be benefited. This needs to be explained logically in this section.
  5. Limitations of the study: This section highlights the drawbacks of the research.

Literature review in a PhD thesis

The literature review is the part where concepts by different authors are explored and explained in great detail. This should be written into various sub-headings. The sub-headings may include:

  1. Concept of HRM: This should include definitions provided by 3-4 authors along with a detailed explanation of what HRM is about.
  2. Evolution of HRM: This section should provide how the field of HRM has grown over the years and what all changes have been introduced in the concept of HRM over time.
  3. Scope of HRM: This should offer the areas of HRM in detail to let the reader know the vast field of HRM.
  4. Importance of HRM: The importance of HRM is the main topic hence it needs to be focused on. The importance of HRM should be presented from all the possible aspects. This should not only include the direct but also indirect benefits of HRM. It is important to highlight how HRM aids in organizational growth and success.
  5. Limitations of HRM: For a good research paper, it is important to highlight what critics say on the subject. Thus, the literature review should end up reflecting the limitations of HRM.

Proposing a research methodology

This chapter should provide the details including research design and approach, sampling technique and method, sample size, data collection sources and means, and limitations of the research methodology adopted for the study.

Data analysis

The choice of analysis methodology depends largely on the topic. Since the research is about the importance of human resource management, the qualitative analysis is suitable. One can also include a descriptive analysis of the data.

Findings and conclusions of the thesis

This chapter should clearly present the findings of the research analysis and whatever conclusions have been drawn from it. While writing this chapter, the objectives of the research one should keep in mind and the conclusions should relate well to the objectives.


In the end, whatever references have been reviewed need to be mentioned alphabetically.



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