Think new, act new, create new

By on December 8, 2011

Presently, we are  there in the age of insight in this civilized world. This fact is universally accepted and known  by all intellectuals, scientists, academicians, thinkers, philosophers and the leaders.

‘Wisdom’ to own the future is to Think New, Act New and Create New.

The customary way of wisdom is to ‘Escape’.  We have been trained in this from our very childhood. For the smallest of decision, we have been conditioned to leave on the others. That ways we escape the responsibility. How applicable in that in the current world?

Two kinds of wisdom

It has been understood  that there are two, dissimilar kinds of wisdom  that can be seen around the world. In  the world that has been made by man,  we depend solely upon the  analytical wisdom. The  second  one is the genetic wisdom, in other words we also call it instinct. This is the wisdom  we find in our genetic blueprint. Surprisingly, we do not find any imbalances when there is a lack of generic wisdom.  The  analytical wisdom helps us to  think new, act new and create new. This  helps at us sail  through our life. We are inherently at peace with our thinking, acting and creating new to live our lives fully engrossed in the moment. Understanding  this truth in action is life transforming.

Upon realizing  that equilibrium and synchronization flourish with the application of  analytical wisdom, one is compelled to think about the true  value of analytical and creative thinking. Does analytical thinking serve us or makes us its slave? The answer to this can be subjective, but it in most of the cases depends upon its application.  Our exclusive capability to resolve multifaceted issues, to imagine, to invent, and to consider profoundly, erupts from  our analytical mind. This can be aptly justified by the words of the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle“ We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”To conclude, Wisdom is the aptitude of understanding ’What is not to be done ’ or ‘What had to be done ’. This only comes when we train our mind to be analytical by thinking new, acting new and creating new.  


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