What is express delivery?

We understand there can be urgencies to meet deadlines. Express Delivery is an advantage where the whole team assigned to your work prioritizes all processes and communications. It includes the same quality of research and the same approach while preparing any other order. We always have a reserved team of experts on stand to handle urgent orders. We deliver express orders faster than the emergency order.

  • Delivery of your paper on the express basis that is even faster than an emergency order.
  • A reserved team of experts are added to the usual panel of experts to deliver the order faster.
  • This advantage is subject to availability of resources.
  • Express response to your queries in less than 3 hours.

What it is not?

  • There’s no shortcut for good work. We do not take any shortcut to deliver your order faster.
  • We have zero-tolerance for plagiarism. This advantage in no way means plagiarism.
  • It does not mean the order will be prepared in a hurry.
  • Express orders are not compromised, sub-standard research work.

Priya Chetty

Partner at Project Guru
Priya is a master in business administration with majors in marketing and finance. She is fluent with data modelling, time series analysis, various regression models, forecasting and interpretation of the data. She has assisted data scientists, corporates, scholars in the field of finance, banking, economics and marketing.


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