When do you need professional help for dissertation writing?

By Priya Chetty on November 16, 2011

Writing a dissertation at Masters’s Level needs focus, knowledge and patience. It also needs good analytic skills and a certain amount of experience in academic paper writing. If one of these elements is missing, you need to seek external help.
Dissertation writing services are provided by many companies today. However, before you decide to outsource your dissertation, you need to ask yourself: Do I Really Need It? The answer to this question lies in the following few facts:

  1. Time is of utmost importance. Writing a dissertation is a gradual process. A good quality dissertation takes about 45-60 days for completion, depending on the number of words.
  2. Evaluating the available secondary data. Before you start writing the dissertation, chalk out a plan for the whole paper and gather secondary data beforehand. If you do not have access to good online libraries for the latest journals, your dissertation may not be relevant.
  3. Writing skills is undoubtedly one of the most essential requisites for writing a dissertation. If you have worked on those university assignments and essays throughout your course, you will find dissertation writing relatively simpler. If not then you may need to hire an expert for the job of writing.
  4. The second half of your dissertation tests your analytic skills. You need to summarise secondary and primary data theoretically and statistically. If you are not familiar with statistical techniques, hypothesis testing and statistical software like SPSS or SAS, you will need to hire an expert.
  5. Finally, for making your dissertation completely error-free, you need to edit and format the dissertation. Editing is usually best done by someone else as being the writer yourself; you tend to overlook minor mistakes. Dissertation services providers usually give a perfect polished look to your dissertation, making it completely flawless.

Overall, a dissertation writing service provider can help you achieve a good result but the majority of the contribution is yours: checking and re-checking their work, verifying data authenticity and relevance.