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    I am a Retired Principal Scientist with more than 30 years of research experience at ICAR – Central Tobacco Research Institute, Rajahmundry. A Research Scholar has worked for his Ph.D. on the topic NEUTRAL VOLATILE COMPOUNDS IN TOBACCO. In this work 46 different samples were analysed in which 42 important compounds were quantified (46 x 42 = 1932 data points). I wish to take up FACTOR ANALYSIS or PRINCIPAL COMPONENT ANALYSIS of the data as applicable. I request you to please inform if you can help in this respect and if so, the charges for the same. An early reply is solicited.

  3. Sudeshna Chakraborty
    6 years & 6 months ago

    Hey Brewster Joseph,

    For the requisite tools, please visit the links below:
    T-test: https://www.projectguru.in/publications/index.php?s=T-Test
    Interpreting Factor Analysis (inclusing scree & box plots): https://www.projectguru.in/publications/interpretation-of-factor-analysis-using-spss/
    ANOVA: https://www.projectguru.in/publications/one-way-anova-test-spss/
    Multiple Regression: https://www.projectguru.in/publications/17-linear-regression-analysis/

    For other requirements/queries, kindly contact care@projectguru.in

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. Brewster Joseph
    6 years & 6 months ago

    I am new to statistics. I am doing my M.sc in aviation Management. I need assistance especially at this point in interpreting Factor analysis, Multiple Regression, Anova and all the other stuff like Scree test, T-Test, Box plots etc. This is urgent, reply a.s.a.p.

  5. Chirag Patel
    7 years & 1 month ago

    Dear Author,

    its easily understand me how to factor analysis done and interpreted the data. thank you so much.

  6. Ashutosh Singh
    7 years & 11 months ago

    Dear Author
    U are working well undoubtedly but u can contribute to enhance the knowledge of people like me if you can also give a link of a sample file for practice. If you can do this it will be wonder full. thanks