How to write a research paper in the education field?

By Priya Chetty on December 3, 2011

When selecting topic for research, the writer should endeavor to keep the topic focused. This will enable him/her to work within the available cost and time at the disposal besides in setting the aims, objectives besides queries with simplicity and brevity. If we narrow down the education field to topic-specific, there are suggestions relating to the sub-topics of pre-school, primary school, collegiate, university, teacher, private school, home schooling, adult and holistic educations.

Pre-school Education

Preschool education in the UK besides most other countries refers to the children in the age group of 18 months to 6 years who go through the basic education or formal schooling. There are topics education field that may be used for research.

Primary school Education

Primary/elementary school education in many developed world broadly cover students between the ages of six and 12/13 years of age attending school.

Collegiate Education

College education/high school/ secondary school education broadly covers the students between the ages of 13 to 18 whom the formal education was available. There are a range of subjects in this education field to be discussed for research in education sector.

University Education

Undergraduate, post-graduate and college education are generally classified under this section.

Teacher Education

Teaching is a vocation and the role filled by them is an important one.

Private School Education

Of late, the trend is that parents are desirous of sending their children to private schools, despite being very expensive.

Looking at the trend toward private education, one should consider if the government should resort to privatize education and offer facilities unavailable under the public schooling system and utilize the proceeds to develop existing pattern of the public schooling system.

Public School Education

95% of the schools in theUK,USA,CanadaandAustraliaare funded by public. They offer elementary and secondary education for students between the ages of 6 and 18. The area of public school education offers many topics for discussion.

Schooling from Home

Schooling from home is a concept picking up of late and applies for children educated at home as an alternative to getting enrolled in a public or private school.

Education to Adults

Imparting education to adults can either be professional or vocation-based. This has been becoming increasingly popular though it is an ancient concept.

Holistic Education

Holistic education refers to imparting education to children to make them well-rounded individuals.


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