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How did the Indian rupee got burnt by the wrath of coal?

By Priya Chetty on October 4, 2013 2 Comments

The Indian rupee has seen one of its worst times in the recent days, climbing to Rs. 65 per USD during the month of August 2013, up from only around Rs. 50/dollar in November 2012. It has created a chaotic situation in the country’s economy as the government and common man struggles to keep up with the expenses which just keeps rising everyday.

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Natural disasters: Act of God or man?

By on December 17, 2012 No Comments

Natural disasters have always devastated human lives miserably. Be it an earthquake, hurricane, flood, tsunami or any other kind, the human life in the affected area reaches to a zero. Everything from the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter to the luxuries are to be restored from a scratch.


Kids reality shows: The realities behind

By on August 30, 2012 8 Comments

The Indian television industry has come a long way from the age of family dramas like Hum Log and mythological epics like Ramayana, to serving its audiences with never-ending emotional dramas of Ekta Kapoor. Today the Indian television has entered a new phase which is called the ‘reality television.’

Attrition: The truth behind the figures

By on May 30, 2012 6 Comments

Attrition is one of the most discussed issues in today’s corporate scenario. Whenever I come across any news related to attrition, the two facts that draw my immediate attention are that ‘attrition is bad’ and ‘attrition rate is on a hike and reached x%’. But somehow I always find both these facts partial and misleading.


Is brand marketing and promotions deteriorating?

By Abhinash on April 4, 2010 4 Comments

Today we are surrounded with millions of products around us and receive not millions but thousands of messages about different products. So how are organizations able to create a space between their branded products and the no-name products (these are the products that you see for the first time on the shelf).