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An overview of the metallurgical industry of India

By Divya Narang and Saptarshi Basu Roy Choudhury on November 26, 2018 1 Comment

The metallurgical industry has played a significant role in India’s economic growth. India produces 95 minerals, 4 fuel related minerals, 10 metallic minerals, 23 nonmetallic minerals, 3 atomic minerals and 55 minor minerals including building and another type of minerals (FICCI, 2018).


Factors affecting the economic performance of a country

By Saptarshi Basu Roy Choudhury and Priya Chetty on July 16, 2018 No Comments

Economic performance of a country is measured by economic growth and the most commonly used indicator for economic growth of a country, its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or Gross National Product (GNP). GDP is the aggregate value of all final goods and services produced in the domestic territory of an economy or a country in a certain period of time.

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