The capacity of the Indian education system to adopt new technology

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In the Indian education system, assessment lays impact on the scholastic aspects and nearly ignores the co-scholastic areas. The actual potential of the student is often neglected. With the advancement in technology, education delivery systems and assessment is driving quality student learning, progress and performance at higher and higher secondary levels (Brush, 1999). EdTech provides […]


A critical assessment of India’s stand in improving educational quality

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The Indian Government has recognized the need to enhance the educational quality of pre- and in-service teacher skills. The District Institutes of Education and Training (DIET) has made structural innovation in terms of creating teacher’s training programmes (B.Ed, D.Ed, M.Ed) which offer systemic responsiveness to local requirements and skill expectations.


Introduction of technology-based learning devices in the education sector of India

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Technology-based learning devices in education are being commonly used in primary education in India. On the other hand, the EdTech has been introduced in the secondary and higher secondary schools but is yet to include a whole host of education technology-based learning devices and tools (Yadav, Gupta and Khetrapal, 2018).

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The need for skill development in the contemporary work environment

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As the world dives into complexities in growing industrial needs and technological advancements, need for development of skills increases. Corporate leaders confirm the importance of skill development for promotion and advancements. Economists believe that these skills are a key to counter the projected job loss due to decreased dependency on manpower and increased automation (Allen, 2014).


Higher education in India

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Higher Education or University education shapes people to be qualified and responsible citizens by knowledge and professional training in their ‘relevant field’ of interest.


The emergence of human-computer interaction

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“Virtual Environment” is a term which has been referred to by many academicians differently. They use terms like “Virtual Reality”, “Virtual World”, and “Artificial Reality”. Virtual environment means a computer simulated environment which helps users to interact with one another.