Impact of macroeconomic factors on the growth of the real estate sector in India

By Anita Tomer and Priya Chetty on July 31, 2017 No Comments

In India, the construction business in the real estate sector is the second largest in terms of employment generation. It is next only to the agriculture sector. As an economic activity construction provides employment to approximately 33 million people in India (Nithyamanohari & Ambika, 2014).

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Real estate market in Mumbai and Pune

By Priya Chetty and Indra Giri on January 19, 2017 1 Comment

In the past five years, there has been an undeniable slump in India’s real estate. This was due to reasons such as after-effects of the recession, inflation, inventory pile-up, etc. However the same has not been majorly felt in India’s two metropolitan cities, Mumbai and Pune.

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Changing phases of growth of the real estate sector in India

By Abhinash Jena on January 9, 2017 1 Comment

The real estate sector is one of the most recognised sectors of India. It is the second largest employer in the country after agriculture. India’s skylines consists of housing, retail, commercial and hospitality establishments.

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