Change management for implementation of corporate social responsibility

By on May 26, 2012

The human resource department takes initiatives to propagate its corporate social responsibility initiatives to its workforce (Tara and Laura, 2008). The HR management in the present age adapts several strategies to propagate its corporate social responsibility values to its employees.  Today’s organizations incorporate corporate social responsibility values as part of their vision and mission. Besides they make the corporate social responsibility strategies as a part of code of conduct of employees and monitors if employees adapt them properly. In addition to giving training to employees on corporate social responsibility policies, organizations make them as a part of their performance management system.

Implementing successfully the corporate social responsibility initiatives require efficient change management.  HR managers are the ones who handle team building, culture and change management.

The president and founder of Social Marketing Inc., Ms. Nancy Lee has proposed a model for change management in order to make corporate social responsibility work efficiently in an organization (Lee, 2008). According to Nancy, people fall under three groups by names greens, sprouts and browns.  If suppose there are assumed to have labeled as X, Y and Z, then ‘X’ are the ones who possess behavior and value, ‘Y’ are the ones who have no behavior but values and ‘Z’ are the ones who neither have behavior nor have value.  In order to make CSR work well Nancy proposes the following three steps to organizations:

  1. Encourage group ‘X’ people to continue their behavior
  2. Reward group ‘Y’ people in order to encourage them to change their behaviors
  3. Ignore group ‘Z’. A majority of group ‘Z’ will change themselves by being influence by group ‘Y’. A minority of ‘Z’ who remain unchanged could be easily eliminated by the organization.

Thus the human resource managers can make a corporate social responsibility implementation successful by adapting efficient change management strategies.   .


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