Conducting proper research on the benefits of globalization

By on October 5, 2012

Proper research involves exploring the unexplored i.e. studying a concept in great detail and answering the unanswered. Research is always conducted with a pre-determined objective. The purpose of the research is to accomplish this objective by means of collecting and analyzing data. Research work is an essential and important part of the syllabus in higher studies. Every student is given a different topic for research. The procedure of research largely depends on the topic of the research.

The first step of proper research is to review and understand

When a researcher has to research the topic ‘Benefits of Globalization’, the very first step would be to explore the concept of globalization. If the researcher is not clear about what globalization is, the benefits of globalization cannot be understood. So the research work should start by referring to various secondary sources of data like books and websites explaining the definition and meaning of globalization. Whenever research is conducted, it is important not to rely on any single source of data. The researcher should refer to at least 4-5 authors and find out the definitions and concepts of globalization that are comprehensive as well as easy to understand.

Evolution of the concept

The next step in this research should be to explore the advent of globalization. It is very important to know how and why the concept of globalization evolved over time. This helps the researcher compare the situation before the advent of globalization and after it. The reason for the evolution of a concept somehow relates to the importance and benefits of the concept.

Impact of globalization

After properly researching into the concept and evolution of globalization, the next step relates to analyzing the impact of globalization. While exploring the impact of globalization, both positive and negative aspects should be equally emphasized. Though the research topic relates only to the benefits, the research would not be complete unless the cons are also described. Another important thing here is that the data should not be gathered only from past records like websites and books, but also from current sources like newspapers and journals. It is because the impact of a phenomenon may change over time.

Finally its benefits

Finally, the research should focus on the topic itself i.e. benefits of globalization. Here also the researcher should start by referring to various authors about the benefits of globalization. The best way is to write down all the benefits in points using numbers or bullets. Once the list is prepared, the researcher should now study each benefit separately. Each of the listed benefits of globalization should be studied from various aspects like who are the beneficiaries, how they are they benefited, what are the short-term and long-term benefits of globalization, and what are the future prospects of these benefits of globalization.

Thus, in brief, the following procedure and content can be utilized for conducting research on the ‘Benefits of Globalization’.

Research on globalization
Research on globalization