Research paper

A crucial part of any research is presenting findings in a manuscript. The manuscripts are subject to a rigorous process involving peer reviews to independent experts’. Research papers carry great influence in academia and remain a critical means of distributing research findings for the foreseeable future. These papers are also important in the evolution of modern science, wherein one researcher builds upon the findings of another.

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Original Research

Classified as primary research, this is the most common type of research paper. It is applicable in a wide range of fields, from management and social sciences to healthcare and education. They generally range from 2500 to over 10,000 words. Common types of primary researches are surveys, interviews, focus group discussions and observational studies.

Comprehensive Review

It is a comprehensive summary of existing researches. An essential element is to identify limitations and investigating future scope. Common types of review papers include systematic reviews, empirical reviews, critical reviews, and meta-analyses.

Case study

Cases are commonly used in healthcare and medicines to report specificities of a phenomenon from real patient cases. Common elements include reportage of probabilities of occurrence, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment methods and cure of a disease. Case study report findings can also be on specific industrial problems and businesses.


The aim is to present a new method to investigate a gap or problem. They present a specific case to validate the chosen methods, challenges faced in the research process and practical solutions to overcome them.

Thought-provoking approaches

A thorough, high impact-factor paper is ineffectual when pitched to a nonrelated publication. Segmenting publications related to the findings improve the chances of acceptance by the editors.

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