Checklist to follow while writing a research paper

By Priya Chetty on December 15, 2011
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While writing a research paper, anyone can make a mistake which degrades the writing quality and a consistent proofreading habit can be a boon in this regard. The following piece of deliberation will reveal the exact need of proofreading.

Ensuring Argument authenticity and relevance

The essence of any research lies in the arguments and the counter-arguments of the topic. The usage of specific and hypothesis targeted arguments are preferable so if there is a deviation from that, it needs to be proofread. It may so happen that the carelessness resulted in a minor mistake, but proofreading of the piece will lead to perfect writing.

Ensuring proper data analysis in the research paper

The data analysis section is the building block of any research because the arguments are based on these facts. The appropriate data which is to be used is a pre-requisite condition for good research. The data collected must be from a reliable source and the proper manipulation is also needed. The comparing data of different surveys, books and the journals can only be utilized properly if it is perfectly portrayed. So, proofreading is really essential after the writing.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar mistakes

The aspect of spelling and grammar is neglected by the majority of the writers but this can cause real damage to your writing. The flavour and the motive of research can only be understood if proper punctuations, grammar and spellings are used. With all the elements of a good research work except the grammar authenticity will take it nowhere. The proofreading techniques may be of various types but the manual proofreading is always the best. There are language barriers, software specifications, application software but the 100% sure method is the manual type.

Typographic errors and plagiarism check

The typographic errors can be caused by a host of things. The fault of a keyboard or the mistakes of manual typing can breach the code of research and degrade it. There are situations where professionals simply reject these writings and the professors negate it to accept. So, to ensure that the content is not copied from another source proofreading through software is suggested. The typographical errors and the plagiarism area serious issues, especially when it is related to a college submission or client deal.

Bibliography, References and content table

Proofreading ensures the consistency of the line spacing, font size, and style of writing in all these sections. The list of the sources is really important because it proves the authenticity of the document to the reader. Similarly, table of content must have elements which are properly aligned and spaced to ensure an engaging research work.


It is revealed that any sort of error decreases the alluring enticing aspect of a research paper. So, to ensure its high quality and alluring nature, proofreading is the most crucial thing to do. Proofreading is good, and subsequent proofreading is better.