HRM at Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)

By Priya Chetty on September 9, 2011

Human resource is the most important area of management in any organization as without human efforts all endeavors would fail. It is commitment of the people and their devotion which gives competitive edge to the organization. Resources such as technology and machines depreciate with time, but only human resource appreciates as they learn better skills and gain experience. The team members of GAIL comprises of a young group of 2,198 executives, their average age being 36 years. Out of these, 1,447 executives deal with the day-to-day execution of the ground-level work. As this kind of work involves a lot of energy and enthusiasm so the youngest members belong to this group. The 567 executives in the middle order management carry out the administration and supervision of work. The 114 senior executives are involved in decision-making and setting targets. GAIL’s pride is in the strong 1,050-member technical team which includes Engineers and MBAs recruited mostly from premier technical institutes. Their sheer efforts and practical implication of whatever they have learnt has infused a spirit of excellence in the company. Finance, considered as one of the key ingredients of business, is entrusted with finance professionals, mostly Chartered Accountants and Cost Accountants. Professionals from Humanities in the team have brought about the creative and the artistic aspect of the company to the fore. The organisation’s 1,268 non-executives assist in the groundwork. Under the leadership skills and guidance of all the senior employees the team members are taking the company to new heights by giving their heart and soul.

The Company was rated as one of the Best Employers inIndiaby Hewitt Associates in 2004 and was adjudged as an organization with Innovative HR Practices by HT Power Jobs. GAIL has recently won the Quality Excellence Award by the Quality Council of India which was awarded by His Excellency Hon’ble President of India, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam (Website, GAIL India).