Custom lecture notes & textbook writing

Adopt engaging and thoughtfully curated lecture notes and assistive textbooks that meet your distinct course objectives. Packed with examples, exercises, formative assessments and tips to keep your learners actively engaged and motivated in and out of your classroom.

Create an active and agile learning culture

Digital doesn’t mean dynamic, now it’s easy to keep the course content up to date with our assistive textbook writing and dynamic lecture note writing service. We are helping educators to focus on their teaching methods while we curate dynamic lesson content to bridge the learning gap of every learner.

A textbook that reflects real-world problems

Educators often fail to tackle a common challenge of learners’ distraction due to increased social media engagement and multimedia content consumption. Thus, uniquely positioning one of the most consumed online content as a case or example in the lesson plan can pique students’ interest in lectures.

Highly customised learning

The biggest advantage of adopting custom textbook writing is that it will include current information and exercises. The textbook content is assistive and is aligned to fulfil your course objectives, teaching goals and the outcome.

Effective lesson absorption

No more flipping multiple books to find relevant information about a topic. We write textbooks according to your teaching method and include enough information from various sources for the learner to absorb the lesson.

Inspire your students

Many students tend to hack their way through a course by learning to the test and fail to solve life problems. Inspire your students by reflecting on your teaching to solve life problems through customised exercises and instructions.

Why should you choose us?


We first carefully study your goals and objectives to design a layout for the textbook. Then we allocate a team of highly qualified subject matter experts that keeps you updated on the progress of the work at every stage.


A custom textbook offers up-to-date information along with instructions to supplement your unique teaching method and course curriculum. You can also request unlimited revisions to your order for a limited and extended period of time.


In the textbook content design phase, we focus on the individual student outcome in consideration of your course objectives. We further divide the course objectives into smaller segments to enable more choices and active learning.