Structural equation modeling (SEM) with

Learn to simplify and build complex statistical multivariate models with ease. This module has been curated to estimate your model in a way that is easy to interpret and open to perspectives.

About this module

This module will help you understand the fundamental procedures to apply structural equation modeling (SEM) using SPSS Amos in your research. With this, you will also understand its advantages over traditional regression models to estimate and improve your model fitness.

What you’ll need

  • SPSS Software package
  • SPSS Amos package
  • Any spreadsheet software like Excel, Pages or Sheets
  • 10 hours

Skills you will gain

Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) Confirmatory composite analysis (CCA) Path analysis Partial least square (PLS) Latent growth modeling Correlation Regression Reliability Validity Dimension reduction Hypothesis testing Mediation analysis Moderating or interaction effect analysis

Strengthen your understanding of structural equation modeling, its relevance and how to apply it.

SPSS Amos interface

Get familiar with the various panels, menus, editor, Amos graphics and output viewer of the package.

Model formulation

Get proficient with Confirmatory factor analysis, Confirmatory composite analysis, Path analysis, Partial least square path modeling and Latent growth modeling.


Get thorough with different tests to examine your model validity, reliability and hypothesis.

Interpret results

Create diagrams, tables and value evaluations to present the tested model results.

Live tuition sessions

Our live tuition sessions are curated for multivariate model complexities that need you to delve deeper into  AMOS. They include discussions on problems you feel stuck at and can’t find the answer to.

Focussed sessions

  • Virtual teaching using live demonstration.
  • Illustration for different levels of complexity of datasets.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Tutoring is focused on the understanding of concepts rather than rote learning.
  • Customized session agenda keeping with different industry requirements.

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