Comprehensive meta-analysis (CMA)

Meta-analysis is a statistical evaluation of results from different primary researches that are mainly used to indicate the efficacy. This methodology is utilized in medicine, pharmaceuticals, psychology and criminology. The Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (CMA) software uses various forms of clinical data, data sheets and analysis methods to provide information on the treatment efficacies.

Introducing Comprehensive Meta analysis (CMA) software

The Comprehensive Meta-analysis (CMA) software is a user-friendly and diverse software. It is capable of handling and executing multiple tests... More

Data entry formats in CMA

The earlier article (Introduction to CMA) gave a brief overview of the various functionalities offered by the CMA software. This... More

Importing and loading data in CMA

This article helps in importing and loading data from other programs such as Ms-Excel. It will take up the case... More

Analysis using different data entry formats

Statistical outcomes in CMA are based on data entry formats and outcome requirement. This section explains the different types of studies that can be used for meta-analysis. A case study is used to demonstrate textual and graphical presentations.

Understanding the process of selecting data entry formats in meta-analysis

Findings in meta-analysis are integrated by the means of effect sizes also known as the currency of meta-analysis. They span... More

Understanding effect size in CMA

An effect size is the magnitude or size of an effect resulting from a clinical treatment. Thus, in Comprehensive Meta... More

Performing manual data entry in CMA spreadsheet

Following the discussion on the significance of effect sizes, and selecting suitable data entry formats, this next step is to... More

Continuous data entry in CMA involving comparison between groups

Acquaintance with different methods of entering data in the software makes the task simpler. The manual data entry included entering... More

Continuous comparison unmatched group data with statistics

The present article takes up the datasheets for the unmatched post and pre or post design and illustrates the results... More

Computing meta analysis with different effect size with CMA

The discussion surrounding meta analysis has effect size at the prime spot. It is the magnitude or size of an... More

Meta-analysis for one group

This article explains the data entry methodology, for performing meta-analysis on the outcomes of studies having a single group. For... More

Analysis and interpretation of results using meta analysis

The previous article illustrated the manual data entry procedure to facilitate data analysis for performing meta-analysis in comprehensive meta analysis (CMA)... More

Interpretation of results of meta analysis on different types of plot

The meta-analysis results involve basic summary statistics, forest plots and model statistics. Besides these, also funnel plot can be obtained... More

Summary results and analysis for odds ratio

As seen the relative weighting of studies in the two models are quite different. The random effects model takes into... More