Format your article before you submit it to Knowledge Tank

Follow these points to format your article before you submit it to Knowledge Tank.

  • The article should have appropriate title relate to the content of the article
  • Not more than 300-350 words under a sub-heading. Create as many sub-headings as you want.
  • Every paragraph should have less than 150 words and it should not exceed this limit.
  • Sentences should not be longer than 20 words.
  • Try to use active voice instead of passive voice as much as possible while framing your sentences.
  • Avoid use of abbreviations rather use their full forms unless it is not an important word.
  • It also goes without saying you will not be using shorthands like ‘/’ for or ‘&’ for and or ‘@’ at the rate etc.
  • Do not use Italic or Bold or Underline unnecessarily or to over emphasise a word or term. This habit wears down the read­ers’ reti­nas and their pa­tience. In case you are using there should be some specific reason.
  • Italics or Bold or Underline should be used in cases where you would want the reader to navigate easily through the article for abbreveations.
  • Do not use Block Letters or the phrase or header in Capitals. Kindly do not use capitals to emphasise a word, phrase or term. Use sentence case and proper grammar for your articles. Capitals should be used only for nouns.
  • Here’s an article: that explains emphasis in typography.
  • If your article has tables or graphs then do not copy them as an image from the source. Create a table and graph in your document using MS. Excel, so that it can be formatted properly while publishing.
  • Cite the source of your tables and graphs.
  • Mention the name of the author and co-author (if any) at the beginning of your article and below the title of your paper.
  • Give full stop at the end of every reference in end list.
  • Do not use first or second person pronouns such as I or We or you or your in KT articles (except for expert advice articles).
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