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Understanding the consumer profile of Uttar Pradesh

After the demonetization, the deposits in bank accounts have increased rapidly. The amount of deposits in Uttar Pradesh has been one of the highest in India.

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A brief explanation to knowledge management in IT industry

A brief explanation to knowledge management in IT industryKnowledge management is defined as the leveraging of collective wisdom to increase responsiveness and innovation [Cobos, 2002]. To put it clear, knowledge management is the process of gathering or collecting information, from various sources, storing them and manipulating them to bring in better ideas. Knowledge when efficiently managed will ultimately lead to innovation.

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Identifying the key performance indicators for performance management

Since the 1980s there has been an increasing emphasis on the importance of performance management systems. It involves the identification of certain parameters, also known as key performance indicators to effectively evaluate the performance of an employee. Key performance indicators can be defined as,

the physical values which are used to measure, compare and manage the employees’ as well as overall organizational performance (Gosselin, 2005).

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The role of the regulatory and legal cluster of pharmaceutical companies

The sole role of a regulatory and legal cluster involves the development and execution of strategies to ensure effective drug development by the team and meet global guidelines. In addition, regulators also ensure that the newly developed drugs are competitive in the pharmaceutical sector, and the company’s activities meet global standards as well as national standards of operations including sale and promotions. The regulatory and legal cluster is also commonly termed as the regulatory affairs team.

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Increased trend of AYUSH treatments in India

AYUSH or Ayurveda (A), Yoga (Y), Unani (U), Siddha (S), and Homoeopathy (H) is the common terminology provided by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India (Ministry of AYUSH, 2018b). However, AYUSH is not limited to these areas of treatment, but also to Sowa-Rigpa, Naturopathy, folk medicine and traditional herbal medications. The AYUSH treatment market in India has caught up speed with respect to sales of commercial products, popularity and research capabilities.

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Allergy treatment market is a subset of the global pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical drug market is all about production, development and manufacturing of drugs and medicinal compounds (Khanna, 2012). Medicinal compounds, on the other hand, include all active chemical or organic products with capabilities of eradication and control of diseases. The pharmaceutical drug market can be classified on the basis of the treatment of disease, for instance, cardiovascular drug market, respiratory drug market, and allergy drug market. In other words, the allergy drug market is a niche subset of the large pharmaceutical drug market.

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Important SCM building blocks of todays dynamic businesses

One of the previous articles shed light on the importance of Supply chain management (SCM) in the e-Commerce industry. Furthermore, SCM is the management of a network of interconnected businesses involved in the provision of product and service packages required by the end customers (Christopher, 2016). The network of interconnected businesses comprises of the following SCM building blocks.

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Different clusters of the pharmaceutical business

The components of the pharmaceutical business constitute three main clusters. These comprise:

  1. manufacturing,
  2. regulatory and legal and,
  3. marketing clusters (Ashton, 2008).
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Breaking down the pharmaceutical R&D expenditure structure

As mentioned in the previous article, increased R&D investments improves the sales and production of existing and new drugs of a company. Pharmaceutical R&D expenditures comprises

  • drug filing,
  • improved quality control,
  • drug clinical tests,
  • packaging,
  • export charges and,
  • inspection costs (Li & Hall, 2016).

According to a report by STATISTA, (2017), pharmaceutical R&D expenditures was valued at USD 159 billion globally in 2016.

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Impact of R&D investments in the pharmaceutical and AYUSH industry

R&D investments are an important component for driving the sales and distribution of the pharmaceutical drug market (Pammolli, Magazzini, & Riccaboni, 2011). R&D or research and development helps in improving the productivity of drug production as well as outreaching a larger target of the population. Therefore, it may be hypothesized that increased R&D investments improve the sales and distribution of the allopathic as well as AYUSH based drugs in India. R&D investments in pharmaceutical industries help improving expenditures for drug filing, improved quality control, drug clinical tests, packaging, export charges, and inspection costs (Li & Hall, 2016). Continue »

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