Case study
  • An overview of the Indian aviation industry

    Aviation industry is one among the most important industries of any country because of its economic and social viability. The aviation industry not only contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country and improves employment statistics… Read more »

Industrial Overview

E-retailing in UK

E-retailing in UKE-retailing is growing in the United Kingdom at a rapid pace with sales having attained in 10 billion by 2010.  This increased to another 10% in the next five years. For instance, Lamba (2003) has estimated that e-retailing is developing rapidly every year. Continue »

Human resource challenges in the coal industry

Human resource challenges in the coal industryCoal industry is an industry of high economic importance globally. The industry contributes to the economic development not only directly but also through the growth of many other industries where coal is the basic element like steel and power industries. Continue »

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Control theory of performance management system

Performance Management system is that vital part of Human Resource Management which aligns and optimizes individual performance with the overall performance of the organization. It can be defined as “a continuous process of identifying, measuring and developing performance in organizations. It is achieved by linking each individual’s performance and objectives to the organization’s overall mission and goals” (Aguinis, 2011). Continue »

Political and legal system and foreign direct investment in India

India is gaining importance globally as a rapidly developing economy. Investors from all over the world has showed faith in the flexible Indian economy. One of the major factor for rapid economic growth in India after 1991 can be attributed to huge inflow of foreign capital. There are various determinants which led to such huge capital inflow in India. Political and legal system is one of the key factors. Continue »

Classification, techniques and cellular processes of microbial remediation

In the previous article, the concept of bioremediation was introduced as an answer to the rising instances of environmental pollution. Although the act of bioremediation can be performed by a wide range of organisms including plants, fungi and microorganisms. Microbial remediation has proven to be the most advantageous and efficient process owing to its wide span of metabolic pathways and enzymes. In this article, bioremediation as a process has been classified, on the basis of application and cellular level processes by the microorganisms.  Continue »

Bioremediation is an effective remedy for environmental pollution

Contaminated sites, whether on land or in aquatic environments are increasingly becoming a frequent sight. This is due to rapid increase in population and a fast pace of technological advancement. So direct consequence of such large scale contamination is loss of sources for fresh air and water. On the other hand exposure to dangerous chemicals lead to loss of natural habitat and its accompanying natural resources (2). Although several strategies have been applied time and again to control or restore such polluted habitats. However these methods are either cost intensive or inefficient. In such scenario bioremediation can be one of the best solutions to incidences such as:. Continue »

Examples of threats to internal and external validity in a research

In my previous article I have discussed how the validity can be ensured with respect to Quantitative and Qualitative analysis. This article discusses the threats to validity (internal and external) irrespective of the approach. Continue »

Imperfect market theories and inflow of foreign direct investment

The current trends of the foreign direct investment show a stark increase in the Asian developing countries. However the flow has been declining in other regions, especially in the developed economies. Inflow of foreign funds to India nearly doubled, reaching an estimated US$59 billion (Unctad 2015). Measures taken by the government to improve the investment climate have had a remarkable impact along with the business environment of the country. The emergence of India as one of the preferred investment location can be explained by imperfect market theory. Continue »

8-step procedure to conduct qualitative content analysis in a research

A study by Ary et al. (1996) categorized qualitative research/method into two distinct forms. Firstly participant observation, where the researcher is a participant of the study. Secondly non-participant observation, where the researcher observes but does not participate. It is in this non-participant observation where one can use the content analysis approach. Continue »

Importance of research approach in a research

Research approach is a plan and procedure that consists of the steps of broad assumptions to detailed method of data collection, analysis and interpretation. It is therefore, based on the nature of the research problem being addressed. Research approach is essentially divided into two categories:

  1. approach of data collection and
  2. approach of data analysis or reasoning. Continue »

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