Promoting sales with SEO

By Abhinash on October 20, 2012

Got an online business? Looking for ways to promote it? Got no big budget for contemporary promotional activity?

These are few of the many questions that a lot of young entrepreneurs ask themselves today. It is not difficult today to start a new business but it is difficult to promote it and convert prospects into sales. It is no coincidence that search engines like Google and Yahoo have become a part of human life. Any information can today be obtained  with the click of a mouse. So if you are a thriving entrepreneur, you may not afford to ignore a free listing at the top of the search results.

Impact of SEO in promoting sales

Search engine optimization (SEO) is tweaking a website as per the guidelines of various search engines like Google or Yahoo. SEO enables their small programs or bots to easily crawl your webpage and store information, to be shown later in the search results. Now, Google alone crawls millions of websites having billions of pages everyday. All of this information is impossible to be shown in one page or at once. In other words, a human cannot interpret such tremendous volume of information at once. So, the solution is to show the important ones first.

Now it is a common phenomenon that an online searcher may not go beyond the first five pages of the search results. If you are selling online you would want your website listed in the first five pages of the search results and you will aim to get to the first five results of the first page because that is where you could expect the maximum  number of visitors. This phenomenon is commonly known as organic promotion. Organic promotion can get you good number of traffic to a website everyday and that too at a fraction of the budget of a contemporary promotion or many a times without an expenditure of a single penny.

Understanding SEO

Optimizing a website for search engine is not a scientist’s job and is neither a child’s play. Before you proceed, ask your self why would anyone one refer your website to their visitors?

Obviously it is because the information that you are trying to portray or the services or goods you are to sell is unique or is rarely found and is interesting. By referring your website they are banking on more popularity. The search engines work on a similar formula:

  1. Unique and interesting content: Every search engine loves unique content and hates duplicate content. People behind these search engines are smart enough to figure out duplicate content and often penalize websites with duplicate content. If a visitor spends a good amount of time on your website and refers your website to his friends then be assured that the search engines will definitely realize it. Good quality content always attracts and engages the visitors.
  2. Proper format and nice presentation: Nobody likes a slow and poorly managed website. It does not matter how well you wrote, there will hardly be anyone to read it. So if you are not able to engage your visitors, why would the search engines refer your website and not the others who may provide similar information or sale of similar goods or services?
  3. Backed up by links the search engines already know: Search engines are trying to be and think more like humans today. Humans trust recognized people so do the search engines. A website backed by links from recognized and high search result ranking websites is more likely to be preferred over with a website with no back links or few back links. It works like real life, if a website gets recognized by a celebrity or any other very popular website, more likely the website will rank higher in the search index.

Sales conversion

SEO will help a website become popular and several search engines will definitely divert a lot of traffic. With properly managed SEO campaigns, the website will witness a rise in the traffic. But conversion of prospects into customers cannot be done by a search engine. Engaging the traffic and creating a flow of visitors towards the sale of your product or service depends on your website copywriter. Sale is considered as selling of goods or services in exchange of other valuable goods or services or money. It includes lots of negotiation of value of goods or services to be exchanged. Though search engines can get you traffic, they may not get you customers. There are several ways how one can mold its visitors to end up purchasing goods or services. The best example is to create a hypothetical situation of negotiation wherein the website can tactfully place in order all the negotiable arguments by answering every question or requirement that a buyer may ask at the time of purchase.

Hiring an SEO expert

Many organizations hire professional copywriters to develop content specifically for their website. The instincts of a professional and experienced copywriter is more accurate than an amateur. If you are looking for a professional copywriter who is experienced in developing content that promotes sales and which will help websites rank good, you may want to consider Project Guru, who shall audit your website free of cost and recommend steps that will help you revamp your website.



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