How to cite a source using Mendeley?

Managing and citing numerous sources in research paper can be a time consuming task especially when it comes to making the end List of references. It is possible that one forgets to save a file or the online links to useful sources. This  means one has to spend hours or days trying to find all of them again. Using Mendeley makes it easy to store, manage and cite sources in the paper.

Follow these steps to know how to cite a source using Mendeley

After one installs Mendeley, it can be used to cite a source in the paper. This article will guide on how to cite the sources using Mendeley.

For example, if one writes this paragraph:

“A skilful use of positioning at every stage of the management process determines a cohesive image of a place brand. Positioning is the answer to the challenges posed by contemporary branding and allows an administrative unit to make informed amendments to the growth strategy in the context of competition and the stakeholders’ changing needs and expectations”.

Then one will add the citation to it using Mendeley in the following manner:

  • After finishing the paragraph, go to “References” on the Menu Bar in the Word Document, then click on “Insert Citation”.
Citing a source in your paper

Citing a source in research paper

  • A small window will open. Enter the name of the author or title of the journal in the window, then click ‘OK’. The citation will appear automatically
Enter details in Word document using Mendeley

Enter details in word document using Mendeley

Insert List of references

To insert the list of references in the document using Mendeley, at the end of the document/ chapter, go to “References” on the Menu Bar and click on “Insert Bibliography”. The reference list will appear automatically.

Word document

Word document


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