Installing Mendeley for referencing

Using Mendeley for academic writing will help researchers finish writing process faster because of a number of functions (Know More here). It is recommended to use Chrome rather than Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, as it is the most user-friendly browser for installing Mendeley.

To install Mendeley follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account, and Click on “Download” (Top right side corner).
homepage for installing Mendeley

Mendeley Homepage

  1. Create an account by entering the required details.
  2. Sign in using the user ID & password.
  3. Go to:
  4. Click on “Download Mendeley Desktop”
using Mendeley desktop for referencing

Downloading Mendeley for desktop

  1. Install Mendeley like any other application or software.
  2. Open Mendeley Desktop. It looks like this:
Mendeley for desktop and its application

View of the desktop application after installing Mendeley

  1. Enter email ID & password which registered on
  2. The next step is then to “Import your existing library” and click Next to import files.
importing files for Mendeley from the existing library

Importing Existing library to Mendeley

  1. Then, go to “Tools” and click on “Install Web Importer.
web importer helps to import files from web for referencing

Installing web importer for Mendeley

  1. A new page will open on the browser. Drag the grey button “Save to Mendeley” to your Bookmarks” bar. The bookmarks bar is just below the address bar i.e. where one can type the website URL. If it is not visible then go to your browser settings and change the bookmark visibility settings. This is needed for importing files to the database.
mendeley in the brower bookmark helps to import files easily

Adding Mendeley button to your browser bookmarks

  1. When the bookmark is successfully done, it will look like this:
adding button to the browser helps to import file easily

Adding button to the browser

  1. Open the desktop application again and go to “Toolsand click on “Install MS Word Plugin”. One needs to close all MS Word documents before doing so. This is needed for inserting a citation in your documents.
For referencing in word document one have to install the word plugin

Install the MS Word plugin

  1. After installing the plugin, one will be able to view the “Mendeley” icon under “References” column in Word documents.
once plugin is installed one can see it in the word document

Imported to MS Word

  1. Now one can use it for referencing your document and storing all sources.

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