Format your article before you submit it to Knowledge Tank

Follow these points to format your article before you submit it to Knowledge Tank.

  • The article should have appropriate title relate to the content of the article
  • Not more than 300-350 words under a sub-heading. Create as many sub-headings as you want.
  • Every paragraph should have less than 150 words and it should not exceed this limit.
  • Sentences should not be longer than 20 words.
  • Try to use active voice instead of passive voice as much as possible while framing your sentences.
  • Avoid use of abbreviations rather use their full forms unless it is not an important word.
  • It also goes without saying you will not be using shorthands like ‘/’ for or ‘&’ for and or ‘@’ at the rate etc.
  • Do not use Italic or Bold or Underline unnecessarily or to over emphasise a word or term. This habit wears down the read­ers’ reti­nas and their pa­tience. In case you are using there should be some specific reason. Italics or Bold or Underline should be used in cases where you would want the reader to navigate easily through the article.
  • Do not use Block Letters or the phrase or header in Capitals. Kindly do not use capitals to emphasise a word, phrase or term. Use sentence case and proper grammar for your articles. Capitals should be used only for nouns.
  • Here’s an article: that explains emphasis in typography.
  • If your article has tables or graphs then do not copy them as an image from the source. Create a table and graph in your document using MS. Excel, so that it can be formatted properly while publishing.
  • Cite the source of your tables and graphs.
  • Mention the name of the author and co-author (if any) at the beginning of your article and below the title of your paper.
  • Give full stop at the end of every reference in end list.
  • Do not use first or second person pronouns such as I or We or you or your in KT articles (except for expert advice articles).
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Indra Giri

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He completed his Masters in Development Economics from South Asian University, New Delhi. His areas of interest includes various socio development issues like poverty, inequality and unemployment in South Asia. Apart from writing for Project Guru he loves to travel and play football in his spare time.
Indra Giri

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