Work life balance

The changing economic and demographic profiles of human lives have posed newer threats to the HR managers in the organizations. Earlier the HR challenges were somehow limited to achieving maximum productivity by motivating the workforce and minimizing labor turnover. But today the employees are mostly self motivated. They like to deliver their best for accomplishing the organizational as well as personal goals. So, the problem now shifts from making the workers perform their best to asking them to maintain a work life balance. In recent times the work life of people in all streams has become such hectic that taking out time for self and the family is a challenge now. This not only affects the peace of personal life but also acts as a major reason of failure among workforce. Maintaining a proper work life balance is one of the biggest challenges of 21st century HR managers. Technological advancement has on the one hand helped to maintain work life balance but on the other hand it has allowed an all time intrusion into employees’ lives. Now, why this work life balance is so important?

Benefits of maintaining work life balance

  1. It helps in obtaining better productivity.
  2. Boosts employees’ morale.
  3. Provides better job satisfaction to the workers.
  4. Reduces absenteeism by ensuring better peace of mind.
  5. Increases organizational profitability.
  6. Improves organizational goodwill.
  7. Reduces incidences of stress and bad health.
  8. Improves employee retention thereby reducing labor turnover.

How HR managers can help employees to maintain work life balance

  • Time management: The HR managers should make an effort to divide the work according to office timings so that employees are not troubled while they are at home. There should be proper allocation and delegation of work among the workforce so that nobody is overburdened to work after office hours.
  • Training: Training helps employees to do their work better and faster. There should be proper provision of various kinds of training required for a job so that the employees can enjoy their job and can finish their routine tasks on time.
  • Proper staffing: Correct staffing is very important to maintain work life balance. If the recruitment is according to the attitude and aptitude of applicants, it helps them to deliver their best to the organization. When people enjoy what they do, they go back to their homes in a cheerful mood. This further enhances their productivity.
  • Use of technology: Virtual environments have really facilitated working from homes. The employees today can work from any place at their ease. This gives them enough time for the family. So, the HR managers should encourage use the technology to help employees maintain work life balance.
  • Assessment of employees’ needs: Assessing the employees’ needs is of utmost importance to develop a relation with them. The HR managers can develop a personal bonding with the employees by listening to not only job-related problems but also hear their personal family matters. This gives a better understanding of employees’ needs and also acts as kind of counseling to them.
  • Employee friendly HR policies: By drafting employee friendly HR policies like maternity leave, childcare facilities, elderly care, flexible working location and hours, provision of holidays etc. HR managers can help employees to fulfill their family responsibilities along with their job.

Work life balance has emerged as a serious challenge in today’s work environment and organizations need to adapt their culture and policies to it.


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Ankita Agarwal

Analyst at Project Guru
Ankita is working with the editorial board of Project Guru as a Research Analyst and Writer. With Masters in Commerce and Business Studies, Ankita learned much of what she knows about management through experience. She has previously worked in various financial institutions like Birla Global, HDFC Ltd. and Citi Financial. She is self-motivated and writes for the Knowledge Tank section of Project Guru. She has authored more than 80 articles so far in Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Finance and Marketing. She likes to pen her thoughts about the latest issues gripping these areas across the world.

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