Role of HR department and managers in implementing a successful internal job posting program

By on August 17, 2012

An internal job posting contains the details about description of the job, the qualification required, location and salary.  Earlier internal job postings appeared only in notice boards and newsletters. Today, internal job requirements are posted in an organization’s intranet itself. Internal job posting programs play an important role in simplifying the internal recruitment process of an organization says Green (2002).  The following section describes the role of managers and HR department in making an internal job posting program a success.

Functions of Human Resources Department

  • Reviews applications for open positions, and checks to see if applicants meet minimum time-on-job requirements.
  • Reviews background materials of applicants with hiring manager. Hiring manager selects the employees qualified for interviews.
  • Notifies all applicants who will not be interviewed, and gives them the reason why.
  • Provides counseling to applicant who will not be interviewed.
  • Answer questions from interviewed candidates concerning selection, if the interviewing extends beyond the normal three-week period.

Functions of the Manager

  • Selects employees to be interviewed for the position.
  • Screen interviewed applicants (may contact previous manager for reference).
  • Decides who is the best qualified candidate
  • Informs the human resources department of the selection and provides reasons for rejecting unsuccessful applicants.
  • Tesone (2010) says that the manager notifies the successful applicant and his or her current manager. Arrange release dates with the current manager (normally two weeks).
  • Completes application forms in full, at the bottom of the form, and answer all appropriate question block as necessary.
  • Notifies the unsuccessful candidates, advertising them of reasons for rejecting.
  • Makes sure that the interview process does not extend more than three weeks beyond the date the notice comes off the bulletin board.

Thus, an internal job posting could yield best results if managers as well as the human resource department play their roles well.


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