Role of strategic marketing in promoting e-commerce

By Priya Chetty on April 25, 2012

Strategic marketing is an approach that integrates the marketing operation of an organization with all the other managerial functions in order to enable an organization to succeed in the market. Strategic marketing  is not only important for the success of organizations with physical infrastructure but also essential for the success of online organizations. Strategic marketing when adapted efficiently can help organizations promote their business and improve their profitability. Strategic marketing is hence indispensable to all organizations.

Impact of strategic marketing

The market today has become dynamic due to advent of technology and the modes of transactions of business. Internet has become the most vital market places of today and electronic commerce has gained an importance among consumers and marketers all over the globe (Nijssen and Frambach R T, 2001). Hence it is not advisable for marketers to stick on conventional marketing strategies and tools. Organizations and marketers must alter their marketing strategies in such a way that they are in place with the changing market scenario. Strategic marketing management is a new concept that has emerged in the recent years. Strategic marketing approach mainly aims at customer satisfaction through competitive advantage.

Importance of  impact of strategic marketing

Strategic marketing management is very important for businesses that operate online. Strategic marketing management for electronic commerce consists of monitoring a set of activities like distributing, developing, promoting, pricing and delivering services and products to target market through internet or through digital tools such as smart phones and personal digital assistance. May (2000) argues that E-business is achieved in a better way with the help of strategic marketing. The application of strategic marketing concept to enhance the process of e-commerce helps organizations to lower the operational costs greatly and develop the satisfaction of customer by increasing the efficiency and speed of the marketing process.

Thus it is evident that efficient strategic marketing management promotes E-commerce to a great extent.


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