Selection of research topic

By Abhinash on September 19, 2010
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Selecting a research topic that is challenging and innovative is more important than writing on it. In research the researcher presents their knowledge in defense of a hypothesis in a very concise format.Before starting with your research it is recommended that make a file of texts and authors. You may also check your seminar papers for idea. It important that you understand that in research you should be able to continue the discussion and arguments by different authors. Most candidates have to submit a research proposal to their supervisors before writing the actual research paper. Different Universities have different requirements. You should check with the department about the format you should follow for your research.

Choosing a research topic

Choosing a good topic for research can be an obstacle for many. Some students come to graduate school after clearly know what they want to study and write about. Others do not know about their research area until the qualifying exams. If you are planning to write your research, it is always helpful to keep these points handy:

  1. A research area need not be a new topic, groundbreaking or a textbook revelation. It can always be a study on an old subject in a new way or in a new perspective.
  2. Take care that you not just pick any topic. It should be related to your degree and make sure that the chosen topic addresses a real problem or situation.
  3. Take up a topic that is narrow enough and can be easily finished within the time frame allotted.
  4. Try to pick a topic that is in your own interest. Pick a topic on which you will be willing to work for a long period. Your topic should also be in the interest of your guide, tutor or professor.
  5. While selecting a topic make sure that you are able to find plenty of literature.

It is important that you pick a topic to work which is substantial and original.


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