Temporary staffing

By on January 3, 2012

Temporary staffing had its origin in the USA. It gradually gained prominence in other parts of the globe with the passage of time. The trend of temporary staffing is very innocuous and an off hand solution and was started by Kelly who initially thought that it would solve his problem of refilling the vacant positions left void by some technicians who would work purely on temporary basis. Little did he know that this trend of temporary staffing would become so famous all over the world and gain world wide acceptance. This trend is found mainly in IT sector but slowly other industries like hotel and tourism sector also have become admirers of this concept. The temporary staffing requires that the staff will have to be employed on a temporary manner and work as a third party participant in the company in which he is employed. So his participation is not a direct one but an indirect way of rendering his services to the company.

The concept of temporary staffing also has arisen and gained popularity because of changing market dynamics. Since the market has evolved into a more changeable and fast pace therefore the market needs employees with special talent. Product life cycle is also less and different products are evolving with greater force with newer versions which has added a new dimension to the choice of the customer.