The Buzz about SEO

By Abhinash on March 8, 2010

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines were developed as a directory to all website addresses in the world. Today in this world when the internet has started shrinking ( Checkout the complete report by BBC) SEO is one of the most efficient emerging marketing tool. Everyday around 59,000 ( last accessed on 08/03/10, changes every day) .com TLDS gets registered everyday. There are more than a billion websites registered today. The job of the search engine is to bring the most appropriate and informative website to the seeking user. There are a lot of websites today that have similar contents. There is a fast race between all the competitors to get the most top level position in the search results.

Search engines function on an advanced algorithm that is totally automated and requires no human interference. This helps websites like, or to automatically crawl over the contents of the website and rank them according to specific policies of the search engine company. These are free listings so this helps give a fair importance to the billion websites waiting to get the traffic. This was the best time for some market agencies to come up with the valued service of search engine optimization (SEO). In SEO these organization worked upon the clients websites rigorously to get them the highest level page rank in search engines. They optimized the websites according to the guidelines of the search engine companies.

There are a lot of companies (in billions) on the web that are fighting for certain keywords for their organization, like if you want to buy the latest mobile phone in the market, you can simply google (search engine) it out by typing lets say: mobile phone or buy a mobile phone or Nokia etc. Not only just Nokia or Samsung are fighting to get the first click but also ebay (re-seller) is also trying to get the first click. But this depends upon the best optimization of the website. Add into the challenge that search engines don’t publicize the secrets to their complex algorithms, and that search engine technology and the competitive landscape is constantly changing. Furthermore, one needs be strategic and have a good understanding of his customers and their search psychology. Thankfully, SEO companies have already done most of the background research, and present the information and techniques on how to best optimize the website. SEO is can be an intensive task, but the vast rewards are well worth it.


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