Writing an effective review of literature in your paper

By Abhinash on September 19, 2010

For many writing the review of literature turns out to be very tricky as it requires you to thoroughly go through your research to ensure its perfection.

Importance of literature in a paper

In review of existing studies it necessary that you analyse your paper to figure out strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that the main purpose of the review is to provide your readers with plenty of literature related to your topic and secondly it is the back bone of any research paper.

While writing your paper it is crucial that you are able convey ideas and knowledge that you have established about your research. The literature should also clearly define your research objectives or the problems that you will define and provide an argumentative and defensive aid to your research paper. There are two basic skills that you should have at your best while writing it:

  1. Information seeking.
  2. Critical appraisal.

Some basic steps that will help you while framing your review of literature:

  • Exhaustive search: Search out thoroughly for relevant materials in journals, research papers and books related to your topic. And select carefully all of the studies and quotes related to your topic, to be included in your dissertation.
  • Broaden your literature: Keep reading and including relevant information to your research to broaden your scope of review. Importantly note down all the important findings and references.
  • References: Support your study with references from different authors and create your stand point.
  • Identify your flaws: Do you just want believe what others say? The studies that you have used are old. Identify whether your findings have flaws or they are precise and upto date.
  • Citations: After completing your paper carefully cite down all the resources that you have used to write your review of literature.

You should follow the tips listed above; consequently, you would come up with a good review.

I am currently working as a Research Associate. My work is centered on Macroeconomics with modern econometric approach. Broadly, the methodological research focuses on Panel data and Times series data analysis for causal inference and prediction. I also served as a reviewer to Journals of Taylor & Francis Group, Emerald, Sage.


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