An overview of the CSR in hotel industry in UK

By on April 14, 2012

An overview of the CSR in hotel industryCorporate social responsibility (CSR) is nothing but the act of organizations in behaving in an ethical or responsible manner (Hopkins, 2007, p 15). “Responsible or ethical” means treating stakeholders in a deemed manner which is acceptable in a civilized society.

Role of CSR

CSR includes environmental and economic responsibility. The main goal of social responsibility is to create higher and higher standards of living, while preserving the corporation profitability for people both outside and within the corporation. Bigg (2004, p 334) defines that CSR is a concept that an organization is accountable for its influence on all similar stakeholders. It is the continuing commitment by business to behave responsibly and fairly and contribute to economic development while improving the workforce life quality and their families as well as society and local community at large. Almost all industries in UK have begun to involve themselves in CSR initiatives. With the growing preference of consumers towards dealing with socially responsible organization. The hotel industry in UK is becoming socially responsible to a great extent.

Hotel industry in UK

The hotel industry in UK is a multimillion dollar industry giving billions of global people and is expected to develop importantly over the next year. The IH&RA (International Hotel & Restaurant Association) determines that the hotel industry employs 70 billion people and contributes to United States revenue of $960 billion to global economy, every decade. This size of the hotel industry has assumable influence on environmental, social and economic conditions across the world. In the hotel industry enterprises have the importance to contribute substantially to consistent improvement. In the past few decades, several stakeholders’ interest in the environmental, ethical and social performance of the hotel industry has developed.

Investors, customers and employees as well as the nongovernmental organizations, media and governments have initiated paying attention increasingly to sustainability issues and put higher pressure on the hotel industry to denote such issues. Thus, today, hotel industry has answered with a vast number of initiatives of voluntary to show its devotion to sustainable development.


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