CSR at Copthorne Tara

By on July 4, 2012

Copthorne Tara is one of the most famous hotels in London with a four star rating. The hotel situated at Kensington is a proud owner of more than eight hundred bedrooms whose climate could be controlled. The specialty of this hotel is that it has exclusive rooms for travelers with disability, which very few hotels in London have. This shows the extent of responsibility Copthorne Tara has towards the society.

The following are some of the major corporate social responsibility initiatives of Copthorne Tara.

Environmental friendly practices

Copthorne Tara is working towards attaining ISO14001 accreditation, which is a universal standard for environment management system. Copthorne Tara has an association with Carbon Trust, an organization meant for controlling emission of greenhouse gases. The organization helps the hotel in calculating its carbon foot print, in order to monitor and control the same. The company helps the hotel in meeting the standards specified by the Carbon Reduction Commitment of United Kingdom .in terms of emission of carbon. The carbon emission rates of the hotel for the years 2007 to 2009 is given below:

Year 2007 2008 2009
Tonnes of carbon-di-oxide emission at Copthorne Tara


40225 39228 38645


Table 1: Tonnes of CO2 emission at Copthorne Tara (Source: Millenium hotels)

As the above table shows, Copthorne Tara has reduced its CO2 emission every year thereby making its operations environment friendly every year. It is very much evident that Copthorne Tara has great interest towards protecting the environment.

Employee friendly practices

Copthorne Tara is known for offering a safe and healthy workplace for its employees. The hotel is striving towards getting an OHSAS 18001 accreditation for its workplace, a universal standard for determining the health and safety management system of a workplace. Copthorne Tara ensures to offer the best workplace. Besides, the hotel which has 11000 employees adapts a fair employment policy. The following figure shows the staff breakdown of Copthorne Tara for the years 2008 and 2009.

Figure 1: Staff breakdown of Copthorne Tara (Source: Millenium hotels)
Figure 1: Staff breakdown of Copthorne Tara (Source: Millenium hotels)

From the figure it is clear that Copthorne Tara employs people without any discrimination of age and gender. The hotel also aids employees to go for higher education by sponsoring for their studies. Thus, it can be identified that Copthorne Tara, stands as one of the best hotels in the city to work.

Society friendly practices

Copthorne Tara takes part actively in social service activities. Copthorne Tara also has link with several charity institutions. It has been identified that Copthorne Tara donated nearly 84000 Euros for charity institutions in the year 2008. The organization encourages employees to take part in CSR activities by conducting several sponsorship programs. In addition to that, the hotel motivates employees to volunteer in fundraising activities. Moreover, the hotel makes its employees to involve actively in social service activities conducted by local communities rather than making them offer monetary aid to the people in need.

Thus it is clear that Copthorne Tara gives importance to corporate social responsibility and has proved itself to be a socially responsible organization in the hospitality industry in London.