Definitions of an entrepreneur

By Priya Chetty on October 30, 2010

An entrepreneur is a person who combines various factors of production, processes the raw materials, converts the raw materials into a finished product and creates utility in the product and sells the product in the market in order to earn profit.

An entrepreneur is a person with unusual foresight who can recognize potential demand for goods and services. He reacts to economic change who become an economic agent who transforms demand into supply.

Entrepreneurs are innovators who use the process to shatter the status quo through new combination of resources and new methods of commerce to satisfy consumer wants and who enjoys monopoly profits.

Entrepreneurs create or identify an opportunity and pursue it by taking risk and then creating an economic organization for gain and /or growth.

Entrepreneurship is the result of disciplined, systematic process of applying creativity and innovations to needs and opportunities in the market place for attaining gain and / or growth.

Entrepreneurship is the quality of uncertainty bearing….coordination of productive resources ….introduction of innovations and the successful provision of capital for gain or/and growth.

Entrepreneurship involves any deliberate activity that initiates, maintains and grows a profit-oriented enterprise for production or distribution of economic goods or services.


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