E-retailing at Sainsbury

By on August 12, 2012

Sainsbury was found by the husband and wife partnership of John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury in 1869. While the development was initially confined to London and the surrounding area by 1922. Sainsbury became the world’s biggest grocery retailer in United Kingdom (Cohen, 2010). J. Sainsbury also referred to as Sainsbury’s is the 3rd largest supermarket chain in UK and is also regarded by several as the greenest (Berman and Evans, 2001).

Sustainable retailing

In its stable efforts to develop the social and environmental sustainability of its own operations of its supply chain and of its customer behaviors and lives that Sainsbury’s serve as a role model for green retailing. Sainsbury has developed a dedicated attitude towards social and environmental problems. Despite its tribulations and trials with the stated intention of company that it be environmentally responsible in the way it conducts a business. It also enhances its customers to become environmentally responsible.

About Sainsbury

The company owns 443 supermarkets which range from 15000 to more than 40000 sq. feet which are spread across United States and United Kingdom. These supermarkets provide approximately 30000 products, 40% of which are own brands of Sainsbury. In addition to vast range of grocery and food products several stores have bread baked on premises, fish, coffee, delicatessen, fish and meat counters, gas, pharmacies and restaurant stations (Plunkett, 2005).

According to Randall and Seth (2011) Sainsbury states its enduring values under 5 assumptions such as

  1. Safe, healthy, tasty and fresh food;
  2. Making positive variations to communities;
  3. Sourcing with integrity;
  4. Being a great place to work; and
  5. Respect for the environment.

Sainsbury also states that these are the values that directs all its tasks and differentiates it from its competitors.  Besides, Sainsbury offers its customers with many attractive and new promotional approaches, in order to attract and satisfy them.

Sainsbury offers e-retailing services through its portal www.sainsburys.co.uk. The website has a comprehensive range of products with a flat delivery charge of five dollars. The website is not that much easy to access when compared to that of its competitors. The goods ordered online are delivered in two-hour slots in general. However, there are also few slots available, at times as per the preference of the customer.


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