How does Timond advertise its products?

By on August 30, 2012

Time never lies. Like a beating heart it chronicles and the yesteryear, today and the moments to come. At Timond the watches are developed greatly, the rhythmic countdown to whatever is to be, the preserver of seasons that has withered, arrived and charmed. The name Timond symbolizes Time + Diamonds with each of its creations flaunting elements of diamond or gold enrichment in it. The gold and diamond series is an articulate alliance of finely crafted jewellery with authentic Swiss movement broadly epitomizing the characteristic uniqueness of this range. Each of these sophisticated timeline is embellished in audacious 18 carat gold and VVS quality alluring white diamonds individually set around the bezel. Every watch piece from Timond is an absolute incarnation of aesthetic purity, sophisticated styling and perfect proportions (Shah, 2009).

Timond conveys the image of being world’s leading manufacturer of luxury brand watches through its various advertising contact points. The product speaks of individuality through all its finely equipped and carved watches and Timond is also considered as the world’s slimmest watch casted in gold and with precious diamond stones and it was molded by award winning designers. Timond watches are only distributed in standardized retail showrooms displaying unconventional and classy layout formats and offering value added services like gift packaging or gift vouchers or discount coupons. Timond’s customers get excellent customer service.  Timond has changed the perception of watches from a functional product to a personal product in the mindset of customer to leverage its reputation and brand name. Timond has invested heavily on advertising its brands and in the process developed huge brand equity. The rationale of Timond watches was that the customer should be bombarded constantly with the Timond name so that it sticks in their minds. The advertisements were a combination of simplicity and sophistication.

Timond works on the efficacy of advertising in bursts (Majumdar, 2007). It identified occasions like festivals and marriage and projects the watches as something that can be gifted with these occasions. Karan Johar has been announced as the worldwide brand ambassador of Timond.

The association with the versatile moviemaker will commence with a advertising gamut advertising events, appearances, and retail promotions. Karan Johar is spotted by wearing the Timond watch at some special occasions, events, parties, talk shows besides endorsing the Timond brand in his films. This has coupled with vast brand promotion and advertising campaign activities globally. Special efforts were made for Karan Johar for visualizing his brand image at different retail outlets where Timond was retailed.


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